How to Run Fortnite Like a Pro

Improving Skills in Fortnite: Tips from Esports Pros

Improving Skills in Fortnite: Tips from Esports Pros

If you find it hard to survive in Fortnite, you are not alone. This Battle Royale game is truly challenging, and winning requires creativity, as well as shooting skills. Nothing can replace hours of practical experience, but tips and tricks from Esports pros will come in handy. Follow their advice and you will see your stats improve. 

Naturally, this article will not turn you into a champion overnight. It will point you in the right direction highlighting the areas you should focus on. Another helpful resource is YouTube that has loads of videos of impressive Fortnite battles from experienced fighters like Nick Eh 30.

1) Settings Optimization

Ensuring comfortable sensitivity, a decent ping, and a high FPS rate are an absolute must. If the latter is unachievable, try lowering the graphics settings. If the ping is too high (100-150 ms), you will encounter problems with your games. A possible solution is to restart the router or choose another matchmaking region. 

The other two indicators worth considering are Sensitivity and Keybinds. When playing on a console, it is best to use the Builder Pro Controller Mode. In the case of PCs, it is recommended you turn off mouse acceleration and reassign your building keybinds. This way, you will be able to switch between weapons and crafting in a flash.

2) More Battles 

Why engage in more standoffs if you can simply wait in a hiding place? You cannot win Fortnite if your shooting is deficient, and the only way to hone your killing skills is by the actual killing. It is tempting to land in a remote area and camp. However, you still need to down your opponent to be the last one standing.  

Hence, do not shy away from fighting. Put in the hours and play as much as you can. Work on your aiming and combat skills for higher odds of victory. 

3) Building Practice

The best way to hone your building skills is to practice in a remote area where you will not be disturbed. For instance, Wailing Woods is a wise choice. Once you are there, practice building ramps and 1×1 bases and work on your speed. Next, practice editing and try each edit type for each type of structure. 

4) Pro Strategies

There is a multitude of masterful Fortnite Players who use their skills professionally. Each of these experts can be worth learning from. They have own distinguishing styles and unique tricks. Check out names like Ninja, Nick Eh 30, SypherPK, or Myth, and watch their streams attentively. There are tricks you could adopt and styles you could adapt to. 

5) More Games

Aside from watching pros in action, make sure you play a lot yourself. Try to apply your newly gained knowledge practically so it is best memorized. At this point, do not worry about bad stats. It is perfectly okay to have a modest Kill-to-Death ratio when you are only learning the ropes. Fear of failure is completely irrelevant here.

Practicing is the key to success, and good luck to you!

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