How to Run Fortnite Like a Pro

Survival in Fortnite and Why Stats Matter

Survival in Fortnite and Why Stats Matter

Staying alive in the Fortnite environment is not easy to pull off. Not only do you need to shoot at dozens of rivals, but you also have to create structures for shelter. Here, like in any serious game, perfection cannot be achieved without practice. 

Masterful Fortnite pros have spent countless hours honing their skills in battles. They also use fortnite stats to track progress. Here are five tips that will help prolong your character’s life.

1. Choose Landing Spots Wisely

Where you land is a very important factor for survival. If you are only learning, pick remote areas to avoid immediate enemy attacks. When operating in a squad or duo, consider jumping from the Battle Bus and keeping close to one another. Generally, residential areas offer the most valuable loot, but they are also teeming with enemies. Avoid them until you have gained sufficient fighting experience.

2. Be Smart with Your Building

While other battle royale adventures are based primarily on shooting, you will not survive here without some creativity. To build defenses effectively, a player has to navigate the Build mini-menu in a flash. In addition, this must often be done while you are moving and scanning your surroundings. 

There is no need for elaborate structures. Often, a set of stairs or a wall separating you from your enemy makes a huge difference. Once you start practicing, you should try different editing tricks and apply various styles on each of your structures. 

3. Use Elevation

The Fortnite landscape offers a fantastic vantage point – Tilted Towers. Here, you find multiple tower blocks and valuable loot. The structures provide elevation necessary for successful observation and spotting of enemy positions. This area is a good drop point if you are ready to face immediate opposition.

Alternatively, you could craft elevated positions yourself. A few stairways are all you get. Naturally, this reveals your location to enemies, but if you are armed with a decent rifle, you can gun down a few competitors from above. 

4. Manage the Resources 

Keep the inventory tidy. It is no use hoarding any weapons you stumble upon unless you can use them effectively. A rookie may think that a pistol is better than an ax by default, but this is a misconception. Use the weapons you are familiar with. Firing rockets at the floor or using shotguns for long-range hits will be futile. 

Remember to slot weapons wisely. You could divide them by usefulness or effectiveness, but be consistent. Having a lot of weapons is confusing if they are all mixed up. In the midst of a battle, you have to act fast and draw the right gun immediately.

5. Monitor Your Stats

Stats are essential for any player who monitors own progress. You can see your skills improve and keep track of changes in the wins, win percentage, kill-to-death, and other indicators that are essential for self-evaluation and error correction in your survival efforts.

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