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Tips to Improve Your Fortnite Duo Stats

Tips to Improve Your Fortnite Duo Stats

The Fortnite universe allows different player modes. When your team consists of just two fighters, there are certain things to bear in mind. Use these tips to improve your performance and the odds of winning.

1. Take Care of Each Other

You and your partner need to have each other’s backs. Find fortnite teammate you can trust. In a team of two, you have nobody else to rely on. If one of the partners gets killed, the odds of success diminish greatly. Do not act selfishly. Keep your teammate healthy to secure victory.

2. Communicate Effectively

Fortnite includes useful communication tools, such as voice chat. Talk to each other to work out a shared strategy before the game, and keep in touch throughout the adventure. You need to know what your partner has in mind and cooperate well.  

When you have thought of your next move, inform the partner immediately. Your actions in the game should be coordinated. Besides, they may come up with a better way that will prove your effectiveness. 

3. Share Loot

The Duo mode is built on the premise of cooperation. Do not keep your loot for yourself, and encourage your partner to share. Sharing will enable the team to optimize load-outs of both players. This way, you will be better equipped to face any situation that may emerge in the course of your endeavor.

4. Focus on the Fire

Do not waste bullets. Work on your shooting skills and improve the kill count. Obviously, the better you focus, the more of your bullets will hit the target. If your partner pursues the same goal hitting the same rival, the chances of winning soar. This is especially true if you are both shooting from an elevated position. Practice and make your shots laser-focused.

5. Shoot and Build at the Same Time

Fortnite is all about fighting and crafting in equal measure. Playing in a Duo gives you a partner that can be tasked with the latter while you are doing the former, and vice versa. When one of the partners is engaged in a battle, the other player could get busy creating a shelter that provides elevation and protection from enemy fire.  

6. Arrange Effective Loadouts 

Your load-out must be versatile for the team to cope with any situation. As a rule of thumb, make sure you have one weapon for each effective range. Add a couple of healing/shield items to ensure better survival odds. 

Share weapons. If you find yourself in possession of an extra weapon, give it to your teammate when necessary. This will contribute to optimizing your load-outs, and survivability will improve. 

7. Heal in a Safe Place 

Your partner must be in good shape, so help him or her regain health when necessary. However, make sure your surroundings are safe. If you get eliminated while rescuing the partner, you will both regret your negligence. It is best to have a solid structure that will protect you both from enemy fire. Remember to ensure sufficient cover during the healing process.

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